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Daily Archives: 20. August 2015

Modern bathroom in Shanghai apartments

Shanghai has a lot of beautiful apartments – and most of them contains a modern nice bathroom.

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International Schools in Shanghai

A lot of great international schools are located both in the Puxi and Pudong area of Shanghai. Read more about them here.

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What to look for while searching for an apartment in Shanghai

Renting an apartment in Shanghai might not be as easy as it sounds. A lot of foreigners feel taken advantage of by Chinese real estate companies and landlords every year due to the cultural differences and the different understanding of the expression “high quality”. Anyway, this is a guide for those of you who more »

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Where do expats live in Shanghai?

Where do most of the international expats live in Shanghai? As a rule of thumb, most expats live close to what is defined as “the city centre” in Shanghai. This is where most compounds have English speaking staff and where other foreigners live. But you have to remember that the price level is higher more »

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