A real Chongqing hot pot in Shanghai

by Maggie
7. November 2015
Category:   Shanghai cuisine

Food is a great part of the culture in China. And a city like Shanghai offers different cuisins from all over the country – you just have to know where to go.

And in a city with many thousands of restaurants, the choice can be difficult.


Going to Shanghai on a business trip for a couple of days and would like to try a proper Chongqing hot pot. I would like to try one of those wimpy versions where the pot is split into two parts with one hot and one bouillon page.

I would like to try a great restaurant with a good reputation. When it comes to food in Shanghai, I almost don´t have any budget as I want to experience the best Shanghai has to offer.


If you want to eat real Chongqing hot pot, you should´nt travel to Shanghai, but to Chongqing. But you

Chongqing Hot Pot can be found several places in Shanghai.

Chongqing Hot Pot can be found several places in Shanghai.

will find some hot pot places in Shanghai that serve something that would look like a real Chongqing hot pot, but these restaurants are often chains.

You can try to go to the “Chongqing Xiao Tian E” restaurant in Jing’an. It is an OK restaurant that serves spicy hot pot.

Hai Di Lao” is a restaurant chain that has specialized on Sichuan hot pot. These restaurants are available all over Shanghai.

However, I would recommend that you try the local Shanghainese food when you are in Shanghai. I have been fortunate enough to visit 名 轩 (Noble House) a number of times. You can find extremely nice seafood there.

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