Calculate start costs with a Shanghai apartment

by Alex
19. September 2015
Category:   renting in Shanghai

The expenses of moving into a Shanghai apartment

Villa in Shanghai

Villa in Shanghai. A luxurious, but expensive choice.

You will have some few expenses when you move into a new apartment in Shanghai. It is not too different from how it works in most countries in Europe, but you might be surprised of a cost called “agent fee” to your landlord because he or she finds the apartment for you. And yes, it is often very necessary to use a real estate agent when you find a property in Shanghai.

Example: Michael would rent an apartment in Shanghai for 6 months, with a monthly rent of 8000 RMB. The rent was paid of a duration of 3 months every time, including one month’s deposit and an agent fee.

In total:

Rent: 24 000RMB (8000 * 3)
Deposit: 8000RMB
Fee: 2800RMB
Total: 34 800RMB

All of this will be paid in cash, at one point. The deposit is paid back when the contract ends.