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by Maggie
9. September 2015
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2British Int’l School Shanghai(Pudong Shanghai and Puxi Shanghai)

The British International School was the first British school in Shanghai. It was founded in 2002 by Nord Anglia Education Group, the UK’s leading provider of education in the independent sector, to offer a high quality education based on the British National Curriculum for the expatriate
children in Shanghai 1-18 years of age (Pre-Nursery to Year 13).

The school runs two campuses in Shanghai. The Pudong Campus,
established in 2003 is within the Cambridge Forest New Town. A brand
new campus in Puxi, opened in September 2005, is adjacent to the
Forest Manor Residential Park. We offer a high quality education for
expatriate children from Pre-Nursery (2 years old at Puxi and 1 year old
at Pudong) to university enhance, 18 years old at Puxi Campus and 16
years old at Pudong Campus.

Both of the campuses are accommodated in completely new custom-built
facilities with all the design features of a modern British school. There’re specialist Science Laboratory and Computer Suite as well as specialist Art,
Music and Physical Education facilities.

Course Specialties:
Pudong: GCSE and IGCSE, Special Needs Support
Puxi: IGCSE, IB Diploma Program, EAL Support, Mandarin and French

Extra-Curricular Activities
The school offers the opportunity for pupils to enhance their education through a wide range of extra-curricular activities, both during the lunch hour and after school.
These activities reflect the particular talents and interests of the staff, and thus the range of activities varies from term to term.
Typically, there are interest clubs such as Chess, Photography and Art groups, academic enhancement classes in languages, Information Technology, Music and Mathematics and sports activities such as Judo, Football, Volleyball, Karate, Tennis and Dance.

Admissions Office               Tel: 021-58127455*203

Admission Procedures:
1. Make an appointment to meet the Admissions Officer & Principal
to visit the school.
2. Fill in an application form (it can be download from the school
3. Most recent academic records (if attended and prior schooling).
• Three terms each year
• Y10 – Y11 fees include GCSE costs. Y12 – Y13 fee cover A level exam (PX) & IBO exam (PD)
Puxi Campus
Address: 111 Jinguang Road, Huacao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 5812-7455  Fax: (8621) 5812-7465
Pudong Campus
Address: 600 Cambridge Forest New Town, 2729 Hunan Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 5812-7455  Fax: (8621) 5812-7465
Website :

Dulwich College Int’l School Shanghai(Pudong only)

Dulwich College benefits from a rich history. One of Britain’s most prestigious independent schools, Dulwich was founded in 1619 as “Alleyn’s College of God’s Gift” by the great Shakespearean actor Edward Alleyn with letters patent from King James I. The College has a distinguished tradition of inspired teaching and genuine scholarship. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds with diverse interests that enrich the life of the College. Almost one sixth of all students at Dulwich College London are accepted at Oxford, Cambridge or top tier North American Universities. ‘Old Alleynians’ have a long history of distinguished careers. Amongst the most well known are perhaps Sir Ernest Shackleton and P G Wodehouse, although other household names include Raymond Chandler, C S Forester and Trevor Bailey.

In 2003 Dulwich College London founded its first international school in China forging strong and valuable links to Asia. Dulwich now has international schools in Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou. Dulwich College China’s ethos and curriculum are grounded in close partnership with Dulwich College London. The College educational philosophy places equal emphasis on a student’s intellectual and personal development and students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities at the
college, both inside and outside the classroom.

Admission Procedures:
Inquiry Form
This form places you on the interested candidates list and provides the school with contact information for follow up. It does not secure a place on the waiting list.

Application form
The application form will only be processed upon receipt of the application fee and will place a student on the waiting list. The Admissions Office will request the Deposit Placement Fee of once the student has been cleared on the waitlist and has secured a place in classroom.

Necessary Admissions Forms:
College Tuition Fees                                Tel: 021-58999910 ext 203
College Admissions Application                       Fax: 58999810
College Transportation Request From
College Admissions Enquiry Form

DCIS Address:
222 Lan’an Road, JinQiao, Pudong, Shanghai 201206
Tel: 021-58999910
Yew Chung Shanghai Int’l School(Puxi Shanghai and pudong Shanghai)

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Shanghai) was established in Hongqiao district in 1993 to introduce the Yew Chung Educational Program to this rapidly developing city of China and to meet the needs of the expatriate community of Shanghai. The first international school officially recognized by and registered with the Chinese government, A second campus was opened in Gubei district for the 1995 -1996 school year and provides boarding facilities for students whose families are located elsewhere in China. The third campus, in the rapidly developing Pudong area, was opened in the 1999-2000 school year for kindergarten and primary students.

Yew Chung International School offers one of the most leading and progressive educational models in the world and is aimed at educating the global child. The school has a unique philosophy, which incorporates the best elements from Western and Eastern models of education. The school is bilingual and each child attending the school can reasonably expect to be able to converse in two world languages: English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Course Specialties:
English as additional Language (EAL) classes are available for students
with limited English Language skills.
Specialized Preparatory Program (SPP) offers an alternative program for non- English speakers to assist students whose English background is not at a level that would allow them to succeed in the YCIS academic programs.

Admission Procedures:
1. YCIS – Shanghai Student Application Form (completed in full, signed and dated)

2. Academic reports/records (either in English or Chinese, or translated into English or Chinese by an authorized translation agency)
– If applying for Year 2 – 13, the most recent two years are needed.
– Year 1 applicants and below, please include any school reports/records if available.
– Any other documentation that may help the school to determine the appropriate program for your children

3. Additional materials needed include:
– Photocopies of the passports of both the children and the parents
– Six (6) passport-sized photos for each child with the passport name of the child neatly printed on the back of each photo
– Application Fee (for new applicants) non-refundable

Hongqiao Campus: 11 Shui Cheng Road, Shanghai 200336
Tel: (8621) 6242 3243
Fax: (8621) 6242 7331
Gubei Campus: 18 West Rong Hua Road, Shanghai 201103
Tel: (8621) 6219 5910
Fax: (8621) 6219 0675
Pudong Campus: 1817 Hua Mu Road, Shanghai 201204
Tel: (8621) 5033 1900

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