Oriental Pearl Tower – on top of the world

by Alex
30. August 2015
Category:   Shanghai

Oriental Pearl Tower is one of Shanghai´s most famous buildings and is portrated in nearly every postcard you get from this big city. If you Google “Shanghai” you will probably find 1000 of pictures of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

And it really is amazing.

Show this map to the taxi driver when you want to get to Oriental Pearl Tower.

Show this map to the taxi driver when you want to get to Oriental Pearl Tower.

The tower is 468 meters high, which makes it the third tallest TV Tower in the world. It is located on the Pudong side of the Huangpu river and is a popular tourist attraction during the summer. If you want a good first impression of Shanghai; start by taking the elevator up to the highest floor – you will not regret while looking out on the Shanghai Skyline.

If you want to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower, be sure to:

– Check the weather upon arrival. Shanghai is a rainy city with a lot of clouds on most days. This means that there is not always good visibility, which can ruin the whole experience. A cloud free day during the summer would be perfect.

– If you want to take a new profile picture for your Facebook account, this might be the place. The “see-through floor” is a “must see” attraction while being there. But – honestly, it´s not for those of you who fear heights. It is a really long way down.

– Be sure not to get there when “everyone” is going. Shanghai is a crowded city with a lot of tourists which makes the lines extremely long very often. So I will really not recommend to go there when it opens at 8 in the morning (AM).

How to get there

Most tourists/expats in Shanghai live on the other side of the river – in puxi. If you want to go to Pudong, I would recommend metro line 2. Take the metro to Lujiazui Station and from there is nothing more than a ten minutes walk.

The area is also called “the financial district” in Shanghai.