Rent old apartment in Shanghai French concession-2BR with terrace


Property Description

This old apartment for rent in shanghai French Concession is on Xin Hua Road. It is a duplex with one bedroom on the one floor and another bedroom with a bathroom and a terrace on upper floor of the apartment. We know that terrace are attractive for expats who love the lane houses or old apartment of shanghai. This terrace is also an shining point of the flat not only because of the size but also because of the green view.

What are the disadvantages of lane houses or old apartments in Shanghai?

Lane houses and old apartments with nice design are always attractive to expats who are looking for apartment to live in shanghai. Because it gives you a chance to experience the Shanghai life and character.There are disadvantages of the old house or apartments for you to live in shanghai that we like to tell you in advance. No elevator is the first thing you should face of course many people like to do exercise then it is fine. Another thing is that the outside is not so tidy and elegant like new apartment. So like the saying in China, “If you like somebody you should love him all”

Property Details

  • Property Size: 100 square meters
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2

Property Features

yesWashing machine
yesOpen kitchen
yesWall heating

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