Pudong Lujiazui – High-end executive life in Shanghai CBD

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by Maggie
10. September 2015

When you think of Pudong, Lujiazui think big, think high and think new as this area is home to more than 30 skyscrapers over 25 stories high many of which have been built in the last 20 years. Lujiazui is the peninsula on Pudong side (East side) of the Bund and was specifically designed to replace the Bund as the financial centre of Shanghai. Commerce is definitely the focus of this area, but the concentration of executives has created a huge demand for upmarket accommodation options with spectacular views, international food, international schools and entertainment, as well as pockets of expat communities.


Lujiazui is home to many of China’s tallest buildings, including the Jinmao Tower, the Financial Centre (known colloquially as the ‘bottle opener’) and of course the iconic Pearl Tower. Lujiazui is also home to a huge array of foreign and domestic banks and close to the Jinqiao Export Development Zone, which offers tax incentives for multinationals. Singles and young couples will love the vibrancy of the area, but there are plenty of facilities for families as well.

Lujiazui is very easy for expats to adjust to, with many compounds and apartments offering everything you need including preschools and servicing and lots of close shopping centres with recognisable products. It is a faced paced area with a price tag but the convenience and upmarket lifestyle makes it worth it if you’re a high flying executive or have a family to think of. You’ll find expat groups galore, great wet markets and health and fitness facilities either in your accommodation or close by.

Lujiazui Central Green Belt

Even in downtown Shanghai the dedication to greenery is impressive and Lujiazui is no exception, providing an expansive park exhibiting huge steel sculptures, spurting fountains and luscious greenery. Pudong is generally not as well shaded as other areas of the city like French Concession, so this park makes a lovely place to relax especially if you’re sick of the view from the top!


While the garden is great during the day, the riverside promenades of Lujiazui are a surprisingly peaceful and serene spot to spend your evenings. Whether your kids need an outing or you’re looking for some romantic time, grab a Haagen Dazs ice-cream or some street food and take a stroll along the waterfront taking in the view from across the river. The INOX Theatre is also a great place to catch a movie from home, and if you’re here during Christmas the Apple store in the IFC Mall lights up in blue until the Chinese New Year.

Super Brand Mall

True to its name the Super Brand Mall is stocked with impressive brands from across the globe and is one of the largest malls in Asia, with luxury its key focus. International food and clothing options in abundance with easy access across the highways via Lujiazui’s impressive raised pedestrian walkways that connect the buildings and save you crossing 10 lanes of traffic.


The view of the Pudong skyline from Puxi side is on all the postcards, but the view from Lujiazui is pretty impressive too. Many apartments here offer stunning river views no matter which level you’re on. Watching the sunset, or the ferries pass by at nightfall is a lovely experience. For something more exciting climbing the Oriental Pearl Tower on a clear day gives you a fantastic panorama of Shanghai, or if you want to splurge, don’t miss the bar in the Ritz Carlton Flair for one of the best views in town.


There are lots of ways to get across the river to to Puxi, if scenic is your priority, you can take a ferry or the Sightseeing Tunnel, and if convenience is top of your list grab the metro or a taxi through one of the 3 tunnels. Getting around Pudong itself is easy thanks to the wide walkways and regular bridges across the highways.

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