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by Maggie
5. June 2015
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Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten

Established in 1965, Victoria Educational Organization (VEO) has amassed over 40 years of experience through discovery, exploration, and the fulfillment of high quality education. VEO began offering its bilingual program in the 1980’s through the provision of English-Chinese classes that have received warm welcome from students and parents alike.

Since 1965, VEO has grown to encompass two English primary schools, eight kindergartens, four nurseries, and one toddler play and has more than 4000 students. In addition, the Victoria Shanghai Academy, a high-quality, non-profit-making private primary and secondary school, co-founded by Victoria Educational Organization and Shanghai University Alumni Association, is scheduled to open in 2007. The new school will provide a high-quality “through-train” educational service to children by implementing program accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization in its primary, secondary and matriculation curricula.

Since 1998, VEO has led its successful educational practices to Mainland China. There are now four kindergartens in Shanghai and two in Shenzhen. VEO schools incorporate local practices and International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, and develop unique, systematic, and effective early childhood education program that are recognized and appreciated by many parents and educators.
Admission Procedure:

1. Complete the Registration Package and return it to the school with the additional documentation requested.
2. You will be contacted by a representative of the school to schedule an interview for your child.
3. A letter informing you of your child’s admission status will be sent.
4. A deposit may be required to hold your child’s place for the up-coming school year.
5. Participate in any pre-school meetings or activities scheduled.

PRE-K          Ages 2-3
K1                 Ages 3-4
K2                 Ages 4-5
K3                 Ages 5-6
Hongqiao Campus:                         Xinzhuang Campus:
Address: No. 81, Lane 3297 Hong Mei Rd.      Address: No. 15, Lane 155 Bao Cheng Rd.
Tel: (8621) 6405 6668                        Tel: (8621) 5415 2228
Fax: (8621) 6405 5941                        Fax: (8621) 5415 0469
Pudong Campus:
Address: No. 38, Lane 39 Yin Xiao Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 5045 9084/5045 2517
Fax: (8621) 5059 1684
Xuhui Campus:
Address: Mailing Address: No. 1, Lane 71 Huating Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 5403 6901
Fax : (8621) 5403 7301


Stars and Stripes English Kindergarten

This Kindergarten is committed to positive guidance and reinforcement techniques designed to promote self worth and to create a desire to learn.
They believe all children have different learning styles. They offer constructive support, student centered lessons, and discovery based learning. Their resources and teaching methods are U.S. based.  Each class is led by an American teacher, who is in the classroom throughout the day.  Each American teacher holds an Early Childhood Degree.
They teach and maintain American customs, culture, holidays, common phrases, and the sounds of American English.
Tuition Fees
We serve children ages 2 to 6 years old in a full day setting. The tuition fee  are subject to change yearly.
We also serve students 18 months to two years in a part-day setting.

Address: 250 Ying Bin #3 Road, Hong Qiao Airport Area
Tel: 021- 6268-3957 Web:


Montessori School of Shanghai

Montessori School of Shanghai promises to provide an environment that nurtures the child’s natural love for learning in this 21 st century. The school seeks to provide a place where children between the ages of 1.5 and 6 are nurtured spiritually, cognitively, socially, academically, emotionally and physically. The Mission is to create a child-centered environment that fosters and serves each child individually while promoting a sense of community within a classroom setting. We are committed to excellence in education by fostering an atmosphere of independence, discovery, exploration, critical thinking and peacemaking. At Montessori School of Shanghai we value diversity among our children, both in their interests and personalities and in their ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. This diversity contributes to an environment greatly enriched for all children.
Admission Procedure:
1. Complete and submit the application form and non-refundable fee. Parents who wish to enroll their child after touring the school may do so providing that an opening is available for the desired program.
2. Letter of acceptance. After the visit and upon receiving the application form and the non-refundable application fee, the Admission Committee will review all materials received and, in consultation with the classroom Director/Directress, will make a decision about the appropriateness of the MSS program for the applicant. If accepted, an acceptance letter and other forms will be mailed to the parents.
3. Return all completed forms within 7 days of sent. After that time, the opening will be offered to another candidate. A child is considered enrolled when a deposit (deposit would be deducted from total tuition) is paid and all the signed forms are return to the school office.
Qingpu Campus: Xuhui Campus:
Tel: (8621) 5988-6688  Tel: (8621) 5403-7699
Fax: (8621) 5988-6898  Fax: (8621) 5403-8979

Fortune Kindergarten

Fortune Kindergarten is an international, bilingual school where your children will have an opportunity to learn English and Chinese with equal fluency. It offers early childhood education for 2-6 year old children of expatriate  families and eligible Chinese citizens. The school is equipped with spacious classrooms and various activity rooms. The curriculum caters to the students’ individual needs, allowing them to gain a balanced overall development, as well as exposure to the most valuable characteristics of Eastern and Western education. A team of Chinese and foreign teachers are experienced, responsible and dedicated.

Pudong Campus (Int’l Class)
Address:  1361 Dongfang Road,Pudong District
Tel:  (8621) 5875-1212,5881-1930
Fax:  (8621) 6864-1355

Longyang Campus
Address:  201 Donghuanlong Lu, Pudong, Shanghai 200127
Tel:  (8621)5039-8797
Fax:  (8621)5039-8796
Shanghai Utsukushigaoka Montessori Kindergarten

Shanghai Utsukushigaoka Montessori Kindergarten, opened since May 1996, is the sister Kindergarten of Utsukushigaoka Montessori School in Yokohama, Japan.

Their education principle is based on the Montessori Method of teaching.
It encourages children to do things for themselves to lead them towards independence, to develop a positive sense of self, to be confident learners,
and to have empathy for others and all living things. It is believed that it is important for children to master their native language and culture, as well as the one that they are living in. The kindergarten would like to maximize the international aspect of community and encourage the blend of cultures. Currently, there are around 50 children studying at the international department.

Class children ages 3 to 6 years old
Class Size:25 children with 3 teachers
Address: Mandarin City 788 Lane Hongxu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-6405-6318
Fax: 021- 6405-6328



Tiny Tots International

Tiny Tots, founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1980, is a fully registered international pre-school and kindergarten in Shanghai. With two locations, they provide an English environment with native English speaking classes (maximum size of 13) for age 2-6 years old. During the past 22 years Tiny Tots has designed a program to make children feel successful and comfortable within a child-safe environment. Its facilities include inside playrooms, sand boxes, learning centers, art area, classrooms, kitchen, computer center, video area, music room, reading center and large outside play areas.
Classes include: English, math, science, manners, Chinese, cooking, tennis, violin, kickboxing, aerobics, show-and-tell, and computer skills.

Tiny Tots provide both full and half day classes with a limited student enrollment in each level:
• 2 – 3 years old – will attend class with an average of 11 students per class
• 3 – 4 years old – will attend class with an average of 13 students per class
• 4 – 6 years old – will attend class with an average of 14 students per class
In each class level we place one experienced western teacher and one teacher assistant.  All teachers are qualified and have prior pre-school experience.  The ratio of adult employees to children will be an average of 4.8 children: 1 adult.
Fuxing Campus
Address: 43 Fuxing Xi Road, Shanghai
Tel : 021-6431-3788
Fax : 021-6433-2468

Humin Campus
Address:7888 Humin Road, Shanghai
Tel : 021-6480-8933
Fax : 021-6480-8948


To decide on an International Kindergarten is easier than decided on an international school in Shanghai. The frequently asked questions during expats family’s relocation is that the parents would like to find an apartmet,house where is not far from the rented apartment or rented house to the campus.

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