Help issue invoice fapiao for expats housing rental/ apartment rental invoice

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by James
10. January 2020
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Many expats live in Shanghai of China and they can receive housing allowance which cover all or part of  rental for their residence. In Shanghai, getting expats housing stipend is important. Expats’ reimbursement requires  “fapiao” (means invoice which is an official receipt from the government) that shows that taxes have been paid by the one receive the money. The tax rate before 2016 is 5% Then it goes down to 3.5% goes down to 3%……  Fapiao will be some kind of tax paid evidence in reimbursing you.

Take care of few things may go wrong on this process. Do confirm what name employer company requires to be on the fapiao. Some company need the legal name of the company, some need the resident’s name and not employer company name. If this is made wrong by you or your invoice fapiao agency, then you have to pay the tax again……

If you want to rent a house, a flat, a room or a serviced apartment in shanghai, HomeofShanghai can for sure help you and make you satisfied by the service from us. We,HomeofShanghai can provide you the fapiao (invoice )if you find residence with us. If you find the place by yourself and need our service, besides the tax fee, we will charge you 25RMB for service fee per time.

If you are looking for real estate agency do remember to contact us and at the same time you do not need the fapiao  invoice agents anymore.

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