Make Temporary Residence Registration for expats in Shanghai China

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by James
10. September 2019
Category:   Blog Features

You Must Know China  Temporary Residence Registration for foreigers

For all foreigners to visit or live in China, one important legal requirement to follow is to register a temporary residence at the local police station within 24 hours of arrival, 24hours some police station say 48hours anyway do not make it late.

Currently, there is a penalty for not registering, plus a negative record. The negative record may lead to rejection to future . If you stay at a friend’s place or rent an apartment, you must do it yourself or We can help you. Everytime when we find the apartment for you we do it for free.

Here’re guidelines on how to make your registration on your own

All foreigners, no matter what type of visa you are holding;  You need to redo it when you  enter China or your place of residence or personal information changed.

You can register in the police station in your residential community within 24 hours upon your arrival in China.

Documents required for Temporary Residence Registration

Passport, copy of photo page and visa page of passport, copy of last entry stamp to China in passport.                  The landlord’s ID Card & a copy of it.                                                                                                                                 (Rental housing) Property ownership certificate of the housing & a copy of it.                                                        (Rental housing) Rent agreement & a copy of it.

Then you can collect your registration form with the receipt.  The process is fast  if documents are complete.It is a legal requirement not only to register at the police, but also to carry identification with you at all times in case of emergencies.  We HomeofShanghai can help foreigner to do the tempory residence registration and we help expat get the tempory residence permit.

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