Most convenient places for short-term stay in Shanghai

by Maggie
8. November 2015
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I am going on a short holiday to Shanghai next month and have some questions regarding my future life in China. First of all I am looking for a hotel that would be located on a strategic place to experience most of the city.

Thanks in advance.


I would suggest that you use internet to find a hotel in Shanghai – they usually have good deals in downtown Shanghai. is an excellent choice for finding a hotel in Shanghai. is an excellent choice for finding a hotel in Shanghai.

I would also suggest that you find a hotel that lays nearby one of these areas:

– Jingan temple
– Xujiahui
– People´s Square
– Former French Concession
– Xintiandi
– The Bund

If you plan to live nearby the Bund I would highly recommend to live on the “Puxi side” of the Huangpu river. A lot of great (but expensive) hotels lay here – and it is a convenient place to explore Shanghai.

Travel anywhere with taxi or subway

Taxis are very convenient and affordable in Shanghai, but I would say it is very important to stay in Puxi instead of Pudong when you visit Shanghai on holiday.

However, IF you really want to live in Pudong (because of lower prices on hotel or something), I would recommend that you live in the “Financial district” called Lujiazui. A great amount of restaurants, western-styled bars and nightclubs can be found in this area. And you are only minutes away with the subway to Puxi.

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