Apartment rent Shanghai-4BR apartment rent in French Concession


Property Description

Apartment rent in French Concession !

This 4 bedrooms apartment for rent  in Shanghai Ambassy court is in French concession next to Shanghai Library Station  line 10 Chang shuu road Station Line 1 and line7. The apartment to rent in Ambassy  Court is always popular among expats who are looking for an apartment because of the excellent location and great number of foreign people who live nearby,dining nearby, drink nearby.
     For the apartment, there are water purifier oven and dishwasher in the kitchen. Of course these are usually the things that an expats family who are searching for a good apartment to rent  need. It is equipped with floor heating system which is good for expats housing because the stable warmness make you feel winter is like spring at home. Home is home.

French Concession ?

The most popular  area for expats especially for those who are from Europe or Australia American to live in Shanghai. Charming tree avenues and European buildings featured the French Concession Shanghai. high gathering of  bars and restaurants in FFC( which means Former French Concession,  it is former? because now it is not concession). The USA and German embassy are nearby.

Property Details

  • Property Size: 160 square meters
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2

Property Features

yesWashing machine
yesOpen kitchen
yesFloor heating
yesDouble glazed windows
yes24/7 security

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