Shanghai old apartment for rent— Xintiandi and French Concession flat rent


Property Description

How to find a good apartment in Shanghai

How to find a good apartment in Shanghai? First you should ask yourself what do i like. look at this Shanghai apartment rent here if you do not like it then you should like those with very simple style.

Shanghai Old Apartment for Rent

Are you searching for old apartment in Xintiand with style? This Shanghai apartment for rent on the Border of French Concession and Xintiandi  may meet your needs.

Apartment rent on the Border of Xintiandi and French Concession

Where do expats want to live in Shanghai? Xin Tian Di? French Concession? Jing An? Many expats tell me i just want to live in French Concession and Xintiandi no other place!  So come here it is on the border just in the middle and quite near line1 south Huang pi road station and line 13 xin tian di station.

For Shanghai Expats Housing

Is the apartment for rent noisy, no because although this rental apartment is near Middle huai hai road, the flat  is not quite near the road means the apartment for rent is in inner part of the lane. This old flat is not in a lane house but in a old building with elevator. Old apartment in old building? Yes  there is more than 95 years history of the building which was built by French Before. Then in the Republic of China period of time Kung Hsiang-hsi owned it. After new china, Government protect it as a historical protected old architechture. So if you want to experience some historical elements in Shanghai. This will be a good option, don’t you think so?


Property Details

  • Property Size: 120 square meters
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2

Property Features

yesWashing machine

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