Rent luxury apartment in the Palace French Concession


Property Description

The Luxury apartment complex for rent in Shanghai- The Palace

The Palace has an noble and elegant exterior and sublime interior. Expats who live in the place can engjoy the 24-hour security, household repair and maintenance services and so on.It is located near one of the most convenient subway statition south shan xi road and jia shan road station.The Palace stands impressively as a residence of remarkable prominence. The health club is open in 2017 with highest quality in French concession.

One of the highest quality apartment in French Concession

This apartment for rent is a  luxury 3bedrooms apartment in the luxurious compound of Shanghai. The apartment is spacious with 180sqm. There is floor heating  in the apartment for you have a warm winter at home.

The Nordic style( North European style) of the Palace apartment

We have shown the apartments in the palace to our many clients. Because the developer choose the Nordic style which is the north European style as the decoration style of the Palace apartments. There is an interesting that we found. All expats from North European will tell us i love the apartments in the palace so much! when we show them to expats from middle europe more clients say i love the palace. When we show the apartments in the palace to clients from south Europe like itally. maybe only 50% clients say i like this apartment. Although expats live in Shanghai China, they try to find the common or similar elements that can be found what they are used to  in where they grow up in their homeland. In that case we like to ask you a question when you tell us i am  looking  for an apartment in Shanghai. “where are you from”

Property Details

  • Property Size: 180 square meters
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2

Property Features

yesWashing machine
yesFloor heating
yesDouble glazed windows

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