Shimao Riviera Garden compound in Shanghai

by Alex
10. September 2015
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Shimao Riviera Garden is a compound constructed by Shimao Group. It it located nearby the Huangpu river and has great facilities nearby such as:

– Panoramic view over the most exciting places in Shanghai such as The Bund
– A lot of green area nearby, which makes it perfect for families. Examples on parks nearby are Hawaiian Beach, German Swan Lake and the Olympic Sport Park.
– This is the perfect compound for an active person with two indoor swimming pools, a tennis court and a field for basketball and football.
– Luxurious apartments with TV, aircondition and other things all included in the price.

You can get an apartment from 10,000,- yuan and up to 45,000,- yuan. There are several different apartments in different sizes. One bedroom apartment costs around 10,000 and a four bedroom apartment will be around 40,000,- yuan.


You might be known with the fact that Shanghai city centre is divided into two parts – Puxi and Pudong? Shimao Riviera Garden is located on the Pudong side of the river, a side that both hosts the Financial District Centre and a lot of great international schools.

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Pudong is said to be more family friendly than Puxi and contains a lot of green areas that might give you a break from pollution filled days.

Shimao Riviera Garden location.

Shimao Riviera Garden location.

Metro line

You will easily access metro line 2 while living here. Getting to the other side of the river (Puxi) is not a very difficult task while the neighborhood is heavily connected with Puxi.


Here are some pictures of the lovely Shimao Garden compound.


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