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Nanjing Road and The Bund – video

The Bund and Nanjing Road If you want a glimpse of what Shanghai can offer, this Youtube video might be something for you. Nanjing road is one of the most popular and famous shopping streets in Shanghai – and it ends where The Bund starts. Enjoy!

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Video of The Bund, Shanghai

Video of “The Bund” The Bund might be the most famous place in Shanghai. Every time you see pictures from Shanghai in European or American media, “The Bund skyline” is illustrated in a beautiful environment. And yes, if you come as a foreigner to Shanghai you would really like to have a look at more »

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Must see places in shanghai that you’d be a fool not to visit

Shanghai is a fabulous modern city filled with many well known locations that draw in tones of visitors each day. The reasons why they have become so well know variety dramatically but they are all regarded as popular places to try and see in while you’re in shanghai. The Bund Located on the western more »

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