Video of The Bund, Shanghai

by Alex
18. August 2015
Category:   Shanghai

Video of “The Bund”

The Bund might be the most famous place in Shanghai. Every time you see pictures from Shanghai in European or American media, “The Bund skyline” is illustrated in a beautiful environment. And yes, if you come as a foreigner to Shanghai you would really like to have a look at the best view in town.

The “Pudong” area is the part that is often illustrated in the pictures and videos of The Bund:

The different city areas in Shanghai.

The different city areas in Shanghai.


“The Bund” is referred to as the walking street on the Puxi part of the Huangpu river and is very popular among tourists and locals who want to enjoy expensive restaurants and a great view. The tremendous view is mainly illustrated by the high skyscrapers that have risen in Pudong in the last years.

Here you will find a great video that illustrates some of what “The Bund” has to offer.