Question: How to buy an apartment in Shanghai

by Alex
18. August 2015



does anyone know how to buy an apartment in Shanghai?

I am leaving Europe due to an expat position in a big company and feel that I want to buy an apartment/house instead of renting.



Unfortunately! But I have an apartment in China, in Changsha, but this is bought by my wife a few months before I met her, so I know little about the process of buying a house in China, especially in Shgnahi. I mean, have never encountered something that foreigners are not allowed to own real estate in China, but I am not sure about that. What I do know is that houses are owned by the government after 40 years in private ownership.

When my wife quicker will hit during the year we will keep the apartment. Thus we have separate accommodation when we go to China once a year, and we also have residency clear the day we decide to move “eastwards”. For that day comes, totally guaranteed!

I will in the beginning advice you to rent an apartment in Shanghai. It´s not that expensive if you can live a bit outside the city centre. There is a great metro/subway system in Shanghai, which means there are no problems to travel around in a pretty simple way.