What to expect when you living in Shanghai as an expat-Part One

by Maggie
10. September 2015
Category:   Apartment

Shanghai is, in fact, a very friendly place for foreigners. The local people and authorities are actually far more considerate for foreigners, especially Westerners, than they are to their own people. Mos of the landlords are happy to rent apartment to expats in Shanghai,.

From a distinctly relocation assignment to shanghai point of view, there is a particular pitfall that almost sounds too obvious to mention, but is vital nonetheless. It is essential that incoming expatriates do not expect China or Chinese people to act or think the same way that they do, or are used to. Despite the trapping of the west in term of architecture and development,
the Chinese are an ancient and distinct culture.

China is a country of incredible interest and is very conductive to an excellent expatriate lifestyle. Yet, it also suffers from many problems of the developing world. The greatest pitfall anyone could fall into is dwelling on negative aspects rather than on the many positive aspects of life in one of the world’s most vibrant and progressive cities.

There are no particular laws that expatriates must be aware of other than basic legal considerations such as visas and police registration. Expatriates are well looked after by Chinese authorities, especially in Shanghai, and enjoy a rather privileged status. Crimes against foreigners, which are rare in the extreme, are prosecuted particularly vigorously.

We will introduce more in later session about the tips about how to rent a house, find your suitalbe apartment in shanghai. And also,how to deal with local landlords.

As professionals in real estate market in Shanghai, there’s lots of interesting things during their house search, apartment finding. we will reveal more of these information piece. It’s just for fun during the expats life in Shanghai.

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