Where to Live as Expats living in Shanghai-Hongqiao

by Maggie
10. September 2015
Category:   Apartment in Shanghai
Trusted Gubei and Hongqiao

Gubei has been a long-standing favorite with foreigners in Shanghai, especially Asian expatriates and those wanting access to excellent facilities while still being on a lower budget than downtown. Gubei was Shanghai’s first expatriate apartment area, built in 1994 and is located within Hongqiao. Further west of Gubei, the area close to the Hongqiao airport features a wide range of high-end villa complexes and can be regarded as Shanghai’s original family-orientated suburb. The housing here is rather pricey as the demand is very high. The compounds are stable and there are very few new expatriate housing options being built in this area and prices reflect this.

       Pros for dwelling in this area
·        Quite lifestyle with suburban perks
·        Established expats shopping facilities including the largest Carrefour
·        Close to many of the international schools
·        Close to Hongqiao Domestic Airport
·        The Shanghai Zoo and surrounding parks offer recreational possibilities, especially for children

       Cons of Gubei and Hongqiao
·        Long travel distances to downtown Shanghai
·        Limited public transportation network and subway system
·        Less nightlife possibilities then downtown


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