China Garden Villa Compound

by Maggie
28. October 2015
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China Garden is a villa compound in Qinpu/Hongqiao area close to the airport and Shanghai zoo. The buildings were risen in 2000-2002 and have all a modern design suitable for western expats coming to Shanghai. The villas are surrounded by a beautiful area of green loungs, flowers and what can almost be called a botanical garden. A great environment for families who want a quiet break from the busy life in downtown Shanghai.

Even though China Garden is a bit outside the city centre, banks, schools, restaurants and shopping malls are all located nearby. A five minute drive to the Hongqiao airport is a big plus for international travellers who want to combine the expat and family life in a great way. The French grocery store brand Carrefour (who sell a lot of international brands) is to be found only ten minutes away the compound.


  • Tennis Court
  • 24/7 management and service staff
  • Gym court
  • Satellite TV with international channels
  • Study room
  • Yoga classes
  • Safe deposit

Apartment types

Three bedroom villa


Square meters available: 180-220
Price per month: 25,000-28,000 ¥

Four bedroom villa


Square meters available: 230-278
Price per month: 27,000-35,000 ¥

Five bedroom villa


Square meters available: 400
Price per month: 38,000-50,000 ¥


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Skjermbilde 2015-10-28 kl. 18.25.41


Skjermbilde 2015-10-28 kl. 18.20.21

Selected villas in China Garden

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