Expat Housing solution for Shanghai HR Executives

by Alex
26. December 2014
Category:   Apartment in Shanghai

Expat housing for HR professionals in Shanghai

HR professionals have a lot on their plate. They have to wade through countless applications, headhunt top talent and separate the great from the good. And after all that? well they still have plenty to do. From making sure staff are a good fit to administering discipline processes the list goes on. And on and on. One thing that often pops up when hiring Expats to a city like Shanghai is housing. Where will your new top talent executive live? How much will they have as a housing allowance? What Agency will you trust to offer the best service in House hunting and Expat Relocation?

Do you want the right Answer?


Tianzifang, Shanghai.

Tianzifang, Shanghai.

The right answer is HomeofShanghai Housing Shanghai. HomeofShanghai Housing Shanghai are a boutique real estate agency dealing in Expat housing in Shanghai. With years of experience, keen insights, spotless reputation and their clients interests close to their hearts they are the best in the business. They offer a service tailored to each and every client that signs with them. So whether your new executive is a young professional racing through the corporate ranks or a wise settled managing director they will be safe with HomeofShanghai.

What else is in it for top HR professionals?

Well HomeofShanghai Housing Shanghai know about loyalty and they know it should be rewarded. Refer new hires to HomeofShanghai and you will receive a signing bonus.

Want to go a step further?

If you pull a lot of weight and refer HomeofShanghai a steady stream of clients you will be elevated to a HomeofShanghai Partner and that comes with all the bonuses and personal service you would expect.