Shanghai French Concession Rentals

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by Alex
13. January 2015

The Former French Concession in Shanghai is a wonderful place to rent an apartment or house. Local people often call the older properties here lane houses and I guess in Europe or America we would call them flats. The French Concession is attractive to expats for numerous reasons. Firstly it is very reminiscent of a European city with its building and street layout, after all it was built for the French. The charming tree lined streets, period mansions and chic cafes and bars give this place a relaxed and chilled out feeling. This is a big draw for expats leaving their own comfortable homelands to set up in the worlds biggest metropolis.

Property types

In the Old town of Shanghai there is a choice of property types to suit everyone although I will say prices are quite high in the area. There are Villas, new Apartments, Old Apartments and Lane houses to rent with a big variance in quality.


French Concession Villas are some of the most sought after properties in the world. The Shanghai Consulates of major world powers from the USA to Iran are set up in Villas in the French Concession and some of them are beautiful. Also there are plenty of top end restaurants and private clubs based out of Villas in the French Concession. Renting these exclusive pieces of real estate is only for the top executive and business leaders in the world with prices averaging upwards of $10,000 a month.


Apartments in the French Concession

Old Apartments

Old Apartments in the French Concession are quite charming, they are not as popular as lane houses or new apartments but they offer great value when they come on the market. At the moment there is a big movement towards renovating old apartments and updating them to modern standards.

If you want an apartment in the former French Concession, please feel free to fill out our contact form – and we will contact you within 24 hours.

New Apartments

Newly developed Apartments in the French Concession provide a top end living experience while also being in a great location. The most popular and exclusive expat complexes include The Paragon Shanghai and Lakeville. For a 4 bedroom apartment expect to pay around $9,000 a month for a top end duplex apartment in Lakeville for example. These compounds have great management and onsite facilities such as healthclubs and indoor swimming pools.

Yanlord Riverside Garden compound.

Yanlord Riverside Garden compound.


Lane Houses Shanghai for rent

Lane houses are becoming more and more popular with expats in Shanghai. In the last few years we have seen a wave of renovations. Lane houses are going from dark and cold cellars to bright, modern and fashionable living spaces HomeofShanghai Housing Shanghai is the number one rental agency for renting houses in Shanghai.



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