Expat Life in luxury Xintiandi, Shanghai – The luxurious downtown lifestyle you can expect

by Maggie
10. February 2017

If you are looking for a chic, high end and westernised neighbourhood, look no further than Xintiandi. This vibrant and exciting metropolis is a concentration of fashion and fine dining yet also scattered with open green spaces for a tranquil experience. You will feel right at home with the high number of English speakers, the concentration of expats and the variety of recognisable brands and products.

Both a commercial centre and entertainment precinct, Xintiandi is perfect for executives on business, couples seeking an indulgent getaway or families keen to minimise the culture shock of this diverse city. There is a plethora of delicious eateries, health and beauty services, designer brands and homely comforts.

Translated as “New Heaven and Earth” Xintiandi’s name is fitting for foodies, shopaholics, socialites and party-goers and is very popular among foreigners given its central accommodation options including luxury apartments,  accessibility to the CBD and transport systems as well as its expat-oriented establishments that form an attractive blend of historic and modern Shanghai with an international flavour.

Huai Hai Zhong Road

Huai Hai Zhong Road, also translated as Mid Huai Hai Road is an upscale shopping mecca that will satisfy even the most discerning shopper. Along the spacious boulevard you’ll discover every luxury brand in your vocabulary including Hermés, Tiffany & Co., Longchamp, Cartier and Coach as well as impressive boutiques of modern local designers. Huai Hai Zhong Road is like a microcosm of Shanghai, combining distinctly Chinese features with architectural influences from the French, Japanese and Russians. The road is home to several large-scale modern shopping centres, fashionable stores, cinemas, art galleries, terrace cafés, restaurants and bars making it the place to go for a shopping spree and a varied and enchanting dining and nightlife experience, right next to your luxury apartment.

Xintiandi Style – Shopping Complex

While Seoul has Gangnam style, Shanghai has Xintiandi style. A seamless blend of East and West makes Xintiandi Style a fascinating and impressive melting pot of the latest international fashion and products and up and coming Chinese designers. The ‘Xintiandi Style’ centre is the perfect place to explore some local styles in a modern and familiar shopping centre and is very conveniently located at the Xintiandi Subway stop. With fashion like this you can see why many expats choose to live in Xintiandi. Though you may still end up dancing Gangnam style if you frequent Xintiandi’s live music scene at Lunar Bar!

Klub 11 – Art Shopping Mall

Huai Hai Road is also home to the World’s First Art Shopping Mall, Klub11. The impressive Louvre-like glass dome entrance is just a taste of the visually stimulating experience below. This Mall seamlessly combines art installations with eateries and beautiful fashions. The mall presents impressive temporary exhibitions like Monet as well as interactive art installations and artwork for sale. K11 became the first venue in China to host a Monet exhibition showcasing 40 original Monet paintings from the Master of Impressionism, including the illustrious Water Lily and Wisteria. Cafés like Baker & Spice serve authentic French pastries, wholesome fresh breads and nutrition-packed juices and the cooking studio below gives you a chance to hone your culinary skills. So that you look the part in your new wardrobe, Klub 11 also offers a nail studio and the renowned Frank Provost Paris Salon as well as high-end local and international health care.

Food and Dining

As much as it’s great to try dumplings and chicken feet, if you want a taste of home, Xintiandi offers any Western comfort that takes your fancy. Terrace cafés offer set menus with upmarket and familiar dishes in a spacious setting and you’ll find plenty of options for your caffeine fix from chains like Starbucks and Costas to more rustic gems like Blue Car Coffee and fancy tearooms. Many serviced apartments in Xintiandi also offer quality breakfast and refreshments.


Xintiandi offers a range of nightlife and entertainment options; from Jazz bars and clubs to cinemas showing English-language films and pubs offering live music. The bars of Xintiandi are renowned for their quality and diversity, including American jazz, Thailand style, French chic, Mongolian and Traditional Chinese and more. All easily walking distance from downtown accommodation options like Times Square, Lake Ville and the Ascott.

Corporate Avenue

This complex is right in the heart of Xintiandi on the bustling Hubin Road and offers a premium office buildings with commercial and entertainment complexes in a modern Art Deco style characteristic of 1930s Shanghai architecture. As well as office spaces, the building provides a life style complex that combines elegant boutiques with fine dining as well as health and wellbeing facilities like the luxurious ­Rubis Spa and Y+ Yoga Center.


It is hard to imagine that amongst all of these high rises and shopping centres of downtown Shanghai there could be any greenery, but there are several peaceful oasis scattered through Xintiandi offering beautifully groomed lawns and luscious greenery for the perfect place to relax from a business meeting, take a stroll or let the little ones have a run around (insider tip: in China you’re not actually allowed to sit or walk on the grass, just the pathways around it!)

Times Square Apartments

Overlooking the Huai Hai park these spacious and tastefully decorated apartments have long appealed to expats looking for high quality and convenient Real Estate in downtown Shanghai. Equipped with generous amenities and services including swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, wifi, refreshment bar and regular room services, these apartments make city living comfortable and hassle-free. Suitable for single executives, couples and families they are a great choice for anyone wanting an elegant and luxury  real estate in an ideal location.

The Ascott

Offering the highest standards of service with spacious high quality rooms, the Ascott is extremely popular for business travellers and executives. The Ascott offers the flexibility to stay for a long or short period providing the perfect environment to recharge so that you’re at your peak throughout your stay and have a fully serviced apartment that becomes your home away from home.

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