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Full guide: Serviced apartments in Shanghai

Shanghai serviced apartments shanghai are apartments available both for short term,long term rent

Serviced apartments in Shanghai are apartments available both for short- and long-term rent that are located in a high-risen tower in downtown Shanghai. They are recognized by the high service level that are similar to five star hotels, such as housekeeping, concierge, food ordering service, bedsheet and towel cleaning etc. You will literally feel more »

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Basic Mandarin Chinese you could need coming to Shanghai

There are some situation were you REALLY need to speak some Mandarin in China. Even though you can come a long way using body language, some words are very useful to learn. I have lived in China soon two years and looking back at my first weeks (months..?) in this country, I really wished more »

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10 reasons why you should move to Shanghai

Ten reasons why Shanghai is a great place to live I have personally lived in Shanghai since 2011 and will provide you a list of why you should move to this beautiful city. Shanghai is China´s largest city and the hottest place for culture, finance and entertainment in Asia right now. There are so more »

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Learn Chinese in Shanghai China

Learn Chinese in Shanghai China with Mandarin House. A great place to: – Learn Mandarin Chinese with motivated and professional teachers – Take your tests to check your Chinese level (HSK1-6) – Get to know people with similar interests as you – Much more Mandarin House – review I would really recommend this company. more »

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Transport: how to get around in Shanghai?

How to get around in Shanghai The most common way of transport in Shanghai is by taxi. There are plenty of them and they are cheap. Sometimes during peak times and in bad weather it may be a bit tricky to find. During daytime (5:00 to 11:00 p.m.) it will cost you 13RMB for more »

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This is a “fresh” apartment in Shanghai

Question: Hello, when searching around online for an apartment in Shanghai I find many different classifications – some call them “great“, “luxurious” and “fresh“. But can you point me in a direction on how I could know what kind of classifications that should be used? And maybe give some pictures as examples? Regards, Answer: more »

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Expat life: why to choose Shanghai

shanghai apartments for rent in Ambassy Court of Former French Concession

Why did I choose Shanghai? This is one of China´s largest cities. A lot of people from Europe don´t know how it is to live in a real world metropolis (London, New York, Shanghai), but I would really recommend it. It´s simply bigger and more interesting than you could ever think of. Those cities more »

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Reflections on the Shanghai real estate market from an expat

Price level for an apartment in Shanghai I have been living in Shanghai for two years now and have moved three times. The reason why I have moved so frequently is not because of bad standard or that I was unlucky with my roommates, but I simply just wanted to live in some different more »

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Why I became an expat in Shanghai

Shimao Riviera Shanghai apartment

A little story about myself; I grew up in a poor family in a small town in Germany, which made me always believe that there was something “out there” I would never be able to see. My parents could not afford holidays abroad and I ended up staying only in Germany during my first more »

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This is what you can expect from Shanghai

Territory Shanghai Apartment

If you love the charm of New York’s rhythmic pulse, where the whole world meets in a seductive cocktail of skyline, history and a mosaic of different nationalities, it is time to visit China. Most people will do a classic trip to Beijing when they want to visit China for the first time. The more »

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