What’s Important When Renting in Shanghai?

by Maggie
10. September 2015
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There is a large variety in rental prices in Shanghai. Property can be rented from 10,000-150,000RMB/ month depending on many different variants including:

Quality of the apartment you rent
Location of the apartment you rent
Size of the apartment you rent
Type of property you rent
Rental terms/lease duration

The rental terms are usually the same regardless of the price of the property.

There is usually a minimum of a 1 year fixed lease unless you go into a serviced apartment
You usually have to put down 2 months rent as a deposit. There are not many ways of getting around this in Shanghai.
Most housing agencies do not charge the tenant as they get their fee from the landlord. If your rental is less than 15000rmb/month you may have to pay up to 35% of 1 month rental as a finder’s fee.
The contract is usually in English and Chinese. However, if you are with a local agent we suggest to get your contract checked as there are sometimes large discrepancies between the English and Chinese text. This is not usually intentional but as the Chinese text will be upheld make sure you know what you’re signing.
Utility bills are not usually included in your monthly rental. Expect to receive bills for water, gas, electricity and your phone line. The amount depends on the size of our property and how much you use.

For buying a property as an expatriate there are a number of regulations which are regularly changing. Therefore, it is best to speak to a reputable agent about this if you are interested.

Hope you find your most suitable apartment in Shanghai!

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