Xuhui Garden Service Apartments Compound

by Maggie
28. October 2015
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Xuhui Garden is one of the most central compounds in Xintiandi, Shanghai. If you prefer to live nearby great restaurants, public transport (subway line 1 and 2 for example) – everything are just a few minutes away. The total construction area lays around 70,000 sqm where 25,000 of them consist of green areas which are open for residents all year. On Xuhui Gardens websites, they promote themselves with a “green ratio” of 40 %.

In addition to a great surrounded area, the apartments are top class and fully equipped. The management staff in Xuhui Garden Service Apartments are good and professional English-speaking people who do “everything” for you upon request.


  • Tennis Court
  • 24/7 management and service staff
  • Gym court
  • Satellite TV with international channels
  • Indorr swimming pool
  • Safe deposit
  • Underground car park
  • Ground level car park
  • Playground suitable for children

Apartment types

One bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 78
Price per month: 13,000-18,000 ¥

Two bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 135
Price per month: 15,000-24,000 ¥

Three bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 173
Price per month: 22,000-39,000 ¥


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Selected apartments in Xuhui Garden:

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