Yanlord Riverside Garden

by Maggie
14. September 2015
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The building of Yanlord Riverside Garden started in 2004. The property occupies a total area of 129,800 sqm, which includes about 60% green area – parks and green lounges. It offers more than 200

Yanlod Riverside Garden compound.

Yanlod Riverside Garden compound.

apartments in 14 high-rise luxurious buildings.

All units are fully furnished with big windows, central air-conditioning and large balconies. The apartments are very family friendly and have many possible activities for children. Trees, pond, bushes, and flowers make the property a harmonious and natural environment to live in.

View from balcony and windows overlook the courtyard and majestic city views. Parking space is also provided for those who need that.

A great place to live if you want to live in Changning district nearby Hongqiao airport.


  • 24-hour security
  • Gym fully equipped
  • Swimming pool (both outdoor and indoor)
  • Spa
  • Sport courts (basketball, tennis, table tennis etc.)
  • International TV channels


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