Housing in Shanghai-to the best property

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by Alex
23. May 2017
Category:   renting in Shanghai

Housing- the best property belongs to you

You can stay in Shanghai for virtually any price. A reasonable flat (80 square meters) Can be rented for RMB 10000 /month and up. If you want to rent a villa with a small garden, the price will increase

Contact us if you want to find an apartment in Shanghai.

Contact us if you want to find an apartment in Shanghai.

dramatically. But everything depends on which areas you want to live in while staying in Shanghai. Apartments in Puxi (the “right” side of the river) are usually a bit more expensive than in Pudong.

One of the challenges by renting an apartment or a house is that you have to do it through a company.

Some great tips when you are looking for a real estate agency in Shanghai:

– Only use the ones who have good English speaking staff.
– Contact one of the companies that have a great reputation online. Google is really your friend. You can also contact us if you want free guidance to where you would find a good apartment in Shanghai. We cover 97 % of the Shanghainese real estate market.
– Don´t go directly to a landlord unless you speak fluently Chinese and know how to deal with the real estate market in Shanghai

There are several real estate brokering houses and apartments. There are a few foreign companies, I have experienced that they will give you the best service as possible. The reason for that is that the competition for renting apartment to foreigners in Shanghai is so the agencies do a lot to keep you as a customer.