What information do a real estate agent need to find a home for me in Shanghai?

by Alex
29. August 2015
Category:   renting in Shanghai

After you have decided to move to Shanghai, I would recommend you to immediately start to browse different webpages and find out what property type you are interested in.

Things you should know before contacting a real estate agent is:

– Where you want to live

Read the article “Puxi or Pudong – where to live?” if you want to know more about the different areas in Shanghai and what they have to offer.

The different city areas in Shanghai.

The different city areas in Shanghai.

– Preferred property type (villa, old house, lane house, new apartment etc.)

– Budget (how much are you willing to pay every month?)

– If you want to have a furnished or unfurnished apartment.

– Particular facilities required (swimming pool, restaurant nearby, etc).

The real estate company can provide you with information you would feel that is important for you to make a choice. Some of the real estate companies in Shanghai have a long experience in offering properties to foreigners, but it really is important that you choose a company that knows how to handle foreigners.

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