Lanson Place

by Maggie
4. November 2015
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Lanson Place is a service apartment compound that consists of a total of 90 different apartments with 2 Skjermbilde 2015-11-04 kl. 13.26.09or 3 bedrooms. The compound is located in Xintiandi, which is an excellent area for expats to live in. Western restaurants, Shanghainese historical buildings, cafes and bars are available just a minute away from your doorstep.

Lanson Place is an excellent choice for people who want everything taken care of (postal service, food delivery service, etc.) in a hectic daily life. Elegant architecture and interior design give the residents a comfortable lifestyle.


  • Tennis Court
  • 24/7 management and service staff
  • Gym court
  • Satellite TV with international channels
  • Study room
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Playground for children

Apartment types

Two bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 165
Price per month: 35,000-52,000 ¥

Three bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 188
Price per month: 40,000-68,000 ¥




Skjermbilde 2015-11-04 kl. 13.13.19


Skjermbilde 2015-11-04 kl. 13.11.27

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4 thoughts on “Lanson Place

  • Bob
    4. November 2015

    Lanson Place is also a hotel I guess?

    At least they can do both long-term and short-term stay for residents. However, the price for short-term stay is so expensive I would rather live at a real hotel. A colleague got his apartment in this compound and he is nothing but very happy for the location and the service he gets. My company pays all the expenses, so he does not need to worry about the bill.

  • Jennifer from USA
    4. November 2015

    Lanson Place is a well managed service apartment compound with a great amount of luxurious facilities available for all the residents. At least for those who plan to stay here for more than three months.

    Located nearby Xintiandi, western restaurants in top quality is to be found just outside your door. A great apartment compound with an excellent location.

  • Yolota
    4. November 2015

    In my opinion the location is great even though it is a little far from our work. There are many great restaurants, night clubs, bars and shopping malls nearby Lanson Place. The closest subway station is very busy during rush hours (but what to expect when moving to the heart of Shanghai..?) – I ended up using the taxi service a lot because of the amount of people. I just couldnt stand it.

    Apart from that: great area and amazing apartments.

  • KLM 20
    11. November 2015

    I had a friend who lived here (I lived personally in the Pudong area) and he had only great things to say about the place. Can´t imagine people having the amount of money of living here if they don´t have a company to pay for them, but I guess its an amazing choice for expats with a pretty high budget in Shanghai. =)

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