Arcadia Service Apartments

by Maggie
11. November 2015
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Arcadia is a service apartment compund that consists of two high-rise towers in the Shanghai city centre.Skjermbilde 2015-11-11 kl. 12.09.26 Every apartment (available with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms) are fully furnished with modern western-styled furniture that make the apartment bright and luxurious.

Every resident has access to the on-site clubhouse with great sports facilities only enjoyable for the people who live in Arcadia.

Located in Xujiahui, the compound has a great location in terms of being close to the subway, shopping malls and department stores. Arcadia only hires fully professional staff with great English skills that are at service 24/7 if you would need any help or have any questions.


  • Tennis Court
  • 24/7 management and service staff
  • Gym court
  • Satellite TV with international channels
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Yoga classes
  • Children playground

Apartment types

One bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 92
Price per month: 14,000-16,000 ¥

Two bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 124-145
Price per month: 17,000-22,000 ¥

Three bedroom apartments


Square meters available: 171
Price per month: 22,000-26,000 ¥


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Skjermbilde 2015-11-11 kl. 11.56.14


Skjermbilde 2015-11-11 kl. 11.53.37

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2 thoughts on “Arcadia Service Apartments

  • Shanghai expat
    11. November 2015

    This seems like a compound with exactly the amenities I need. In addition to being placed downtown Shanghai, their service seems to be just what I need. To everyone who reads this: it´s a BIG difference on choosing a company that has service apartments and a compound with “normal” apartments.

    If you enjoy 24/7 service with people cleaning your apartment weekendly, food ordering etc., a service apartment is something for you.

  • KLM 20
    11. November 2015

    An apartment at Arcadia is an ideal way to spend several months (or years) in Shanghai. Great and conventient location, very helpful and professional management and I would actually say that the apartments don´t cost as much as other service compounds in Shanghai.

    The apartments are bright and modern (as the commcercials for this compound also says), it has a tennis court and a great gym with all the equipment you would need. A great place to live for those of you that are eager to do some sports while living in Shanghai.

    There is a small 7/11 convenience store adjacent to the north gate which we visited quite often. And if you aren´t good enough in mandarin to call some restaurants, you can just ask the staff to do it for you. I would highly recommend Arcadia after I´ve lived here for some months already.

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