Shanghai for travellers

by Alex
5. August 2015
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Shanghai bune, pearl tower view

A view of the Shanghai Pearl tower from the bund

Shanghai for beginners

Shanghai is an economic miracle in China, and the whole town is characterized by optimism and change. The city is among others called “Paris of the East” and “cement forest”. Shanghai translates loosely as something like “the sea“.

However, the origin of the name is unclear.

Shanghai is a great city with more than 20 million inhabitants. Here you will find everything you expect in a modern city: spectacular buildings, trendy night spots, good restaurants and plenty of shopping opportunities. You will find out that Shanghai is just like a modern Western city – placed in one of the most interesting countries in the world.

Shanghai has a very different temperature than eg. Beijing and the summer can be really hot. On the other hand, you do not be afraid of having to freeze half to death the rest of the year and Shanghai is emerging as a year-round destination. Shanghai is the modern evidence of a changing China. The major cultural attractions can be found here, but you feel your pulse beat. Shanghai offers in addition to exciting architecture mixed with great optimism.

Welcome to Shanghai.

Accomodation in Shanghai

There are a lot of hotels in the city centre of Shanghai. I´ve personally used a hotel that is called Rayfont twice, but the experience wasnt that good. However, the accomodation prices in Shanghai are really high, both for short and long term stay.

We suggest that you live on the Pudong side of the river if you want to save some money. There are a lot of high class hotels that is very cheap compared to the ones on the other side of the river.

If you want to have a long term stay in Shanghai, there are a lot of great real estate agents that can guide you through the possibilities in the market. The real estate market in Shanghai works like this: all the real estate agents covers all the market, which means that all you need is to find the real estate agent that does not scam you and speak good enough English.