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Full guide: Serviced apartments in Shanghai

Shanghai serviced apartments shanghai are apartments available both for short term,long term rent

Serviced apartments in Shanghai are apartments available both for short- and long-term rent that are located in a high-risen tower in downtown Shanghai. They are recognized by the high service level that are similar to five star hotels, such as housekeeping, concierge, food ordering service, bedsheet and towel cleaning etc. You will literally feel more »

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Where do expats live in Shanghai?

Where do most of the international expats live in Shanghai? As a rule of thumb, most expats live close to what is defined as “the city centre” in Shanghai. This is where most compounds have English speaking staff and where other foreigners live. But you have to remember that the price level is higher more »

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This is how you get an apartment in Shanghai

You want to live in Shanghai? Congratulations! The vibrant metropol is waiting for you! What, you have no home? You do not know how to search for an apartment in Shanghai? Do not worry, here’s a little guide for everyone who wants to have a long-time stay in Shanghai! Research questions Before you can more »

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Travelogue from an expat in Shanghai

After five hours of sleep, I woke up in a start and wondered where I was. Took a couple of seconds before I recognized the room – Shanghai! My beloved Shanghai. I have so far had an amazingly good trip. Stepped on the flight last Thursday, which was lucky because “all” flights with SAS more »

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What to expect from Expat apartments in shanghai

Shimao Riviera Garden Lujiazui apartments in shanghai

Apartment in Shanghai – this is what to expect Whenever you go away to work in china for a prolonged amount of time, it’s important that you and your family are  satisfied with the environment you will be living in, as well as having all of your basic needs addressed. This can be more more »

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