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Bars and nightclubs in Shanghai

After spending more than two years in Shanghai as an expat I have been introduced to most of the nightclubs and bars available downtown. There is a clear difference between bars and nightclubs in Shanghai: nightclubs are the ones that offer foreigners free drinks. Bars are the ones who don´t. If you want to more »

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Oriental Garden Pudong

Description Close to Lujiazui CBD (“The financial centre of Shanghai”), this villa compound contains of more than 130 villas in beautiful and green surroundings. Since its opening in 2004 it has contained an international community with a lot of expat residents. A river seperates the two villa sections in Oriental Garden, which invites the more »

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What to expect when you living in Shanghai as an expat-Part One

Shanghai is, in fact, a very friendly place for foreigners. The local people and authorities are actually far more considerate for foreigners, especially Westerners, than they are to their own people. Mos of the landlords are happy to rent apartment to expats in Shanghai,. From a distinctly relocation assignment to shanghai point of view, more »

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