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Housing in Shanghai-to the best property

shanghai apartment for rent in The Bay near Huangpu River

Housing- the best property belongs to you You can stay in Shanghai for virtually any price. A reasonable flat (80 square meters) Can be rented for RMB 10000 /month and up. If you want to rent a villa with a small garden, the price will increase dramatically. But everything depends on which areas you want more »

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Furnished or unfurnished apartment?

The most common and easiest solution in Shanghai is to rent furnished flats. But the term “furnished” can mean a lot of different things. In some cases are only the absolutely most necessary stuff included when an apartment is described as “furnished” – a sofa, bed, table and four chairs. But if you are more »

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The advantages of using a real estate agent in Shanghai

Why you should use a real estate agent in Shanghai When it’s time to find a more permanent housing and rental apartment in China, the process differs between the larger and smaller cities. Overall, one can say that there are two different ways to look for apartments, either with the help of a real more »

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This is a “fresh” apartment in Shanghai

Question: Hello, when searching around online for an apartment in Shanghai I find many different classifications – some call them “great“, “luxurious” and “fresh“. But can you point me in a direction on how I could know what kind of classifications that should be used? And maybe give some pictures as examples? Regards, Answer: more »

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Cheap and good apartment/room in Shanghai

Good and cheap apartment in Shanghai We just received a very good question from a Swedish girl who wants to move here to Shanghai for one full year. She asks: How to find a good and cheap apartment in central Shanghai? There are a couple of things to consider while moving to Shanghai. Where more »

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Shanghai French Concession

Shanghai French Concession The Shanghai French Concession has its name from the foreign concession time that lasted from 1849 until 1943. This cozy area is perfect for expats who wants the convenience of downtown living with an “old-Shanghai” feeling. The area attracts all different kinds of expats from foreign students to couples with a more »

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Why I became an expat in Shanghai

Shimao Riviera Shanghai apartment

A little story about myself; I grew up in a poor family in a small town in Germany, which made me always believe that there was something “out there” I would never be able to see. My parents could not afford holidays abroad and I ended up staying only in Germany during my first more »

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FAQ: Renting an apartment in Shanghai

There are some questions that are relevant for those of you who want to rent an apartment in Shanghai. And we have the answers for all of them. 1: Do you need to pay a real estate agent for finding you a home? No, you do not need to pay for that service. It more »

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Shanghai apartment process: how to find a property

We can help you to find exactly the apartment you are looking for in Shanghai. Do you want a modern high-floor apartment in Puxi or a villa in Pudong? No problem, we cover around 97 % of the real estate market in Shanghai. If you already have an idea of what type of property more »

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The Game of the Shanghainese Real Estate Market

Just like playing the game of Monopoly, there are specific rules to follow in order to get the right property at the right time in Shanghai. The rules of the game will be dependent on who you are, what your individual tastes are and what type of investment you are looking for. However, before more »

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