Transportation in Shanghai

by Maggie
10. September 2015

There are two main form of expatriate transformation in Shanghai: company car or taxi. The company car, which used to be part of almost any expatriate package to China, is provided now only to high level executives.
There are number of additional public transportation options available:

Taxi: Taxis are plentiful, affordable and safe, though do not expect your driver to be able to speak even the most basic English. It is highly advisable to carry bilingual taxi cards, such as those provided by the HomeofShanghai orientation programme. Name cards with the address in Chinese charachters are also helpful.

Subway (Metro) and Light rail networks: Though limited, these are excellent options for journeys within city limits. Cross river vehicular traffic can be extremely bad at certain times of the day, making the subway a more attractive option. The subway is entirely bilingual (English and Chinese) and perfectly clean. Unfortunately, it is at these same times of the day that the subway can pack in like sardines. Outside of peak rush hours it is a very quick, clean and safe mode of transport.

Buses: Generally, this is not an option for most expatriates as the routes can be confusing without local knowledge or Chinese language ability (no English). They also tend to be extremely crowded and very uncomfortable. Some routes once known can be very useful.

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