How to: Travel to Shanghai

by Alex
7. August 2015
Category:   Shanghai

Two airports in Shanghai

There are two airports in Shanghai. Most likely you will land at Pudong International Airport if you have ordered a flight ticket to Shanghai, just because that airport handles most of the international airlines. From this airport you can get to downtown in several ways. There are shuttle buses that take you into town. Bus 2 runs to Airport City terminal and bus 5 goes to Shanghai train station.

There is a transportation alternative that might be considered an attraction itself – the Maglev train. With a top speed of over 430 km / h, you are taken from the airport to the city centre in less than eight (!) minutes.

Be aware of the rush hour

From Pudong you can easily get further into the city, either by subway, bus or taxi. It is easy to reach by taxi, and there is a reasonable means of transportation in Shanghai, but the traffic can be heavy, which often means long queues – especially during rush hour.

If you want to travel in Shanghai between 16:00 and 19:00, you really should be using the public transportation system. Taxi is not only expensive during these hours, but also extremly time consuming.

The other airport named Hongqiao lays approximately four miles from the city centre. Bus 925 from Renmin Square takes you to the airport. Between the airports there are also active bus lines, such as bus no. 1.

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