Top attractions in Shanghai for foreigners

by Alex
5. August 2015

There are hundreds of things to do and see while visiting Shanghai. Everything from action-filled adventures to a relaxing massage are to be experienced in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

You have endless possibilities if you are in Shanghai to relax. Plenty of spas and resorts are located in hotels downtown. If you are a history fan, there are many museums and historical highlights that can satisfy your taste in ancient Chinese history.

But if you have not made up your mind what you want to do in Shanghai, then you can have a look at our list of “top 10 things to do in Shanghai”.

Train ride

If you really want to experience a modern transport system, Shanghai Maglev Train would be perfect for you. This train is powered by electricity and magnets which makes it “float” several centimeter above ground. With the speed of 430 km/h, it only takes 8 minutes to from the city to the Airport.

Park life

Shanghai have a big variety of beautiful parks in the city centre. Fuxing Park is one of the most famous parks in Shanghai and offers a great area for those who wants to chill and relax while being in one of the most busy cities in the world. Believe me: it is very calm and relaxing to take a day in the sun to escape from Shanghai´s most busy streets.

Shanghai has a lot of beautiful parks to offer.

Shanghai has a lot of beautiful parks to offer. Fuxing Park is one of them.


History and culture

To truly experience and learn about the culture and history of Shanghai, a good idea would be to head over to the Shanghai Museum. Here you will see the various ancient relics and famous icons of the Chinese history. To take full advantage of these various exhibits, take your time to stroll through each exhibit and enjoy one of the most interesting (and famous) museums in the world.

By the way; all the English translation on the various exhibits are not too good translated. You might need a Chinese guide if you really want to understand everything.


One of the best with a trip abroad is being able to try the local cuisine. And in Shanghai they have some of the best food in the world. One of the recommended dishes is something called a “dumpling soup”. Xiaolong bao (Chinese name) is a dumpling filled with pork and cooked in a tasty broth. The best place to try this soup is a restaurant called Din Tai Fung where they serve the best Xiaolong bao in Shanghai.


Along a street called Dongtai Road you can find all kinds of shops and “fake markets”. This is the perfect place to get an authentic souvenir for the best price possible. But be careful, as several of the stalls selling fakes and cheap copies.

If you want fake brand clothes such as Gucci, Nike and Adidas there is a fake market called Han City that’s very popular among tourists, foreign students and expats in Shanghai.

Relaxing massage

The best way to relax in Shanghai is getting a massage, whether it’s a full body massage or just a foot massage. There is a type of massage called Green Massage which includes the use of acupuncture. But remember that acupuncture is not for those who can not tolerate pain. Acupuncture can be painful and your body may ache for a few days, which is not very delightful while being on holiday.

Art Gallery

If you are a collector of art – especially contemporary art – 50 Moganshan Road be the perfect place to find what you are looking for. At this street is modern art bought and sold for thousands of dollars to avid art collectors. You can also find everything from graffiti art to modern sculptures and paintings.

Buildings in European style

The Bund is a “must-see” in front of the Huangpu River. The buildings in this area house some British companies that go as far back as 1846, when “The Bund” was the center of elegance in Shanghai, nicknamed “The commercial town“.




If you want to see some rare and endangered species as the best place for this Shanghai Zoo. The 153-acre park is located about 35 kilometers from the city and is home to over 200 different species from around the world. It is one of the perfect places to take your child while being on holiday in Shanghai.

If you have 20 minutes spare time, please look at this beautiful movie from Shanghai zoo